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Natural Veal Stew

Only long and slow simmering, prime cuts of veal, a medley of fresh vegetables and a perfect blend of herbs and spices can make Meaty Eats Veal Stew as great as it is.

Nothing fills you up like a bowl of stew.  No meal can concentrate the same amount of nutrition, flavor and goodness into every spoonful.  That is why our flavor artisans have spent countless hours creating the perfect recipe.  Authentic, homemade flavor can only be achieved when a product is made with time honored traditional methods, dedication and artistry.  This kind of flavor cannot be doctored in a lab – it can only be perfected in our own kitchens every day.

We start with only the finest cuts of veal that is raised free of antibiotics and hormones.  Then we add garden fresh vegetables, reminiscent of by-gone days were artificial flavors and preservatives were never used.  Then, artistically blended seasonings are added to enhance the natural goodness of the stew.  All of the veal is hand cut in our state of the art facility that is federally accredited by our individual meat cutters, that have dedicated their lives to their craft, not on an assembly line where attention to detail can be lost.  Only the very best meats, vegetables and ingredients goes into our Veal Stew, so you can get the very best out of it.

Either as a hearty lunch or pick it up for dinner so the whole family can enjoy, the Meaty Eats Veal Stew is a perfect one-bowl meal.  Be confident, that you are enjoying one of the most natural and nutritious meals available.  We only serve the best, because only the best will do for you and yours.”



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