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  Meaty Eats Natural Pork Grilled Side Ribs with Meaty Eats Hawaii-licious BBQ Sauce

  1. 1  package Meaty Eats Prepared Natural Pork Side Ribs
  2. 1 - 250 ml jar Meaty Eats Hawaii-licious BBQ Sauce
Cooking Instructions:
  • Place Meaty Eats Prepared Ribs in cold water or fridge. Thaw completely.
  • Preheat grill to roughly 250 degrees (or medium heat)
  • Place fully cooked ribs on B.B.Q., grill 15 - 18 minutes or until heated thoroughly.
  • While grilling ribs, open Meaty Eats Hawaii-Licious sauce, pour into small pot on stove (or side B.B.Q. burner) and warm.
  • When ribs are heated through, to your satisfaction, cut completely between bones and place pieces into large serving bowl or platter.
  • Add heated sauce and turn ribs to ensure each piece is completely covered.

Preparation time: roughly 15 minutes.
Serves 2-4



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